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A whole-school evaluation tool, assessing your School’s progress towards becoming a healthy, strong and effective School.
It is made up of the following four parts:

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Statistics &

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Welcome to Compass Calibration

Calibrating your School’s compass will help the leadership team to adjust your direction towards excellence.

The findings and the Report will enable your School to synchronise your compass. This will result in your School becoming a STRONGER SCHOOL and will enhance your ability to deliver on your mandate of effective Education.

Enjoy the discovery process, align your compass and start navigating towards success...

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Data-driven Excellence

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Together we navigate towards achieving excellence.

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Responses from our Principals after their first reports

"This was the first year that our school actually reached all the goals on our School's Strategic Improvement Plan."

"No one has ever taken the time to explain the outcome of our School audit like this and to discuss the Report with our SMT. Now we have something to work with."

About Compass Calibration

In 2022 Dr Henk Punt (a retired circuit manager) and an Industrial Psychologist at Camino Consulting created a manual Calibration Survey and Feedback Reports (with qualitative and quantitative measurements) for Strong Schools. Their objective was to create an instrument which measures the basic functionality of each School, in order to identify gaps and challenges.

This process was introduced to the first Support Hub Schools, who completed and submitted the necessary information. A Feedback Report for each of the Schools was written and feedback sessions were held at each School with their Senior Management Team members. It is now used as a Strategic Tool for planning and towards necessary interventions.

The process started with Google Forms and manually-generated Reports. The discussions and process to automate this Strategic Tool started at the beginning of 2023.

"DIRECTION (not intention) will determine your School’s DESTINATION."

Calibrating your School’s compass will help the leadership team to adjust your direction towards excellence.

Compass Calibration - A Strategic Tool

A whole-school evaluation with automated reporting - designed to evaluate and align your School’s strategic plans - in order for your School to become a healthy, strong and effective School.

DISCOVER - where your school is at the moment and what the challenges are
ALIGN – the findings in the report with your strategic goals
SUCCEED - by following your adjusted direction, plans and goals

This tool will give your Senior Management Team a balanced view across four main areas, which determine the effectiveness of your whole School.

It identifies challenges, provides your School with knowledge and enables your School to determine required interventions.

Core Features

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Data Gathering

Accurate Reporting

Strategic Insights

Unlocking Potential

Implementation Tool

Measuring & Evaluation



Register your school. Invite your teachers and staff to complete the surveys.


All feedback is confidential. The school has to give permission for data and information to be shared.


Survey results are automatically generated into a Report, which gives you the big picture and clearly indicates where the gaps and opportunities lie.